2017 Festival Workshops

March 9 – 12. Our 2017 festival featured workshops with our International guest artists. Students came from Edmonton, Calgary, Kelowna, and Halifax to attend.

Beginner Level Dance Class
Carmen Ledesma hopped off her delayed flight and came straight to class!

Carmen Ledesma Tangos

Festival Weekend Dance Workshops
From Beginner to Advanced levels. Classes with Manuela Rios and Carmen Ledesma.

Manuela Rios Tientos

Manuela Rios Bata

Carmen Ledesma Martinete

Carmen Ledesma Bulerias

Cante Classes
Ismael Fernández was here for a very short time but we managed to sneak in an evening class on the 9th. Even Baby Azula joined in.

Ismael Fernandez Cante

Juan Villar Hijo gave private classes and a group por fiesta class over the weekend.

Juan Villar Cante

Guitar Classes
Socrates was busy giving private lessons and small group classes. Here he is with Evan Komm.

Socrates Guitar

Please be aware that we have quite a few higher level dancers coming in from out of
town. Edmonton dancers may find the workshop levels higher than they are used to.

Beginner/Intermediate level

Beginner students should have a minimum of 2 years experience.
Don’t have a manton? Let us know and we’ll find a way.

Choreography – Tangos – Manuela Rios – 3 hrs
Manton and expression – Carmen Ledesma – 1 hr
Cante por fiesta – all levels – Juan Villar – 1 hr

Intermediate/Advanced level
Intermediate students should have a minimum of 4 years experience.

Choreography – Martinete – Carmen Ledesma – 4 hrs
Cante por fiesta – all levels – Juan Villar – 1 hr

Intermediate/Advanced level Bata
Students should have a minimum of 1 year experience with bata

Bata – Alegrias – Manuela Rios – 2 hrs