Jose El Pechuguita

Jose el Pechuguita

José El Pechuguita – Flamenco Singer

José ‘El Pechuguita’ is son of singer-songwriter and composer ‘El Pechuga’ who has collaborated with world renowned artists such as BB King, Kiko Veneno, Triana, Varon Rojo and Raimundo Amador. José’s father taught him flamenco singing from an early age.

José continues to learn by working with some of the top flamenco artists such as Enrique El Extremeño, El Capullo, El Torta, Manuel Molina, Marsellé, Rancapino, Agujeta, El Lebrijano, Carmen Ledesma, Esperanza Fernández, La Farruca, Jairo Barrull and Concha Vargas. José has worked in several peñas and tablaos in Spain such as ‘Los Gallos’, La Peña Torres Macarena and El Café Silverio.

In 2013 he participated in the flamenco album ‘Fatum’ by Rosario La Tremendita and two years later José gave a recital in the Jerez Festival Off. Later that year he participated in ‘Picassares by flamenco guitarist Daniel Casares which was featured in the XVI Guitar Art Festival of Belgrado as well as the Suma Flamenca Festival in Madrid.

José has toured Spain, France, the United Kingdom, America, Mexico and Morocco.