Fundraiser Weekend 2017

WORKSHOPS – The 2017 festival fundraiser weekend featured workshops in flamenco dance with guest artist Tracy Cumberbatch.

PERFORMANCE– Flamenco at MacEwan – December 1, 2017

Our 3rd annual fundraiser performance took place in MacEwan University’s brand new Betty Andrews Recital Hall. An evening of live flamenco featuring:

Special guests
Tracy Cumberbatch – dancer – Calgary
David Matyas – guitarist – Calgary

Edmonton performers
Marni Benavides – singer
Irena Dumicz – singer/dancer
Jane Ogilvie – dancer

Read more about the artists at this link

The following local performers showcased a piece by Stephanie Pedraza, taught at her Edmonton workshops in September 2017 – Jen Dunford, Jim Findlay, Carmen Locke, Susan MacGregor, Julie Trohimchuk, and Jolene Yuen-Jung.

Click on the image below for our Flickr photo gallery of the evening.

Proceeds from this fundraising event went towards supporting the Edmonton Flamenco Festival in April 2018. A special thank you to Irena Dumicz who donated her artist fee for this performance to the Festival.

poster design – Jane Ogilvie – photo of Tracy Cumberbatch by James Todd Miller

event photos – Bryce Stewart