Flamenco Flashmob 2018

Flashmob appearance in City Centre Mall – Family Day 2018


Our 2018 festival flashmob was a tientos-tangos created by Vancouver’s Stephanie Pedraza involving live flamenco dance, song, and guitar. A group of local flamencos spent the fall learning their parts and came together in November for formal performances of the choreography in the Winspear lobby before an ESO evening and on stage at our December fundraiser performance “Flamenco at MacEwan”. The group went on to teach the choreography, song, and rhythmic clapping to a new group of flashmobbers in February.


Special thanks to our 2018 Flashmob Coordinator Jen Dunford for all her hard work organizing review classes, rehearsals, and flashmob appearances. Thank you to this year’s performers: Barb McKinley, Carmen Locke, Cathleen Clarke, Chantelle Pruden, Christine Pentelchuk, Jane Ogilvie, Janina Strudwick, Jen Dunford, Jim Findlay, Julie Trohimchuk, Magdalena Difani, Maria Rosario, Miriam Djalili, Rakel Arraiza, and Susan MacGregor.


March 17th
Gabriela Mistral School
Gabriela Mistral Latin American School was founded on October 9, 1987 by a group of parents and teachers who sought to maintain and promote the Spanish language and culture among their children.
flashmob at Gabriela Mistral    flashmob at Gabriela Mistral

March 8, 9, 10th
Skirts Afire Festival
Edmonton’s only multidisciplinary arts festival featuring and elevating the work of women.

March 8
Dirt Buffet Cabaret #31 – Mile Zero Dance
Dirt Buffet Cabaret is a multidisciplinary, diverse variety show that allows audiences to discover Edmonton’s most unique, challenging, and wide-ranging performances, curated by an array of artists who will share different niches within the Edmonton scene.


February 19 – Family Day events
Swing and Skate
Jump and jive at City Hall! Local bands bring the swing with live jazz and big band music every Sunday from 1:00 to 4:00 pm during January and February. The Sugar Swing dancers are on hand to teach a new step or two. This free event is fun for all ages!

City Centre Mall
The flashmob popped up in the lower level of City Centre Mall during Family Day.

Family Day 2018 City Hall
Flashmob appearance in City Hall – Family Day 2018