Flamenco Flashmob 2017

Festival Flashmob dancers in 2016 - at the AGA and the Winspear lobby

Our 2017 festival flamenco flashmob was a choreography por tangos created by Jane Ogilvie involving live flamenco dance, song, and guitar. A group of local flamencos spent the fall learning their parts and came together in November to perform the flashmob in the Winspear lobby before an ESO evening and on stage at our fall fundraiser performance “Flamenco at the AGA”. The group went on to teach the choreography, song, and guitar to a new group of flashmobbers in February. You may have caught performances of the flashmob in various locations leading up to the March festival.

On March 9th, the flashmob popped up during the intermission at Mile Zero’s Dirt Buffet Cabaret – Edmonton’s experimental variety show! Hosted and curated by award-winning performance artist, comedian, and stress-case Ben Gorodetsky, the evening featured an exciting lineup of performers with a variety of backgrounds. This version of the flashmob included live flamenco song, dance and guitar by local flamencos.

flashmob Mile Zero

photo – Mile Zero Dance

The flashmob popped up downtown on Monday, February 20th as part of Family Day events at City Hall and at the library’s Enterprise Square location. This was our acoustic version, no guitar, just live dance, song, and rhythmic clapping.

Special thanks to Jane Ogilvie who donated both her choreography and time for 6 weeks of classes to teach it in the Fall of 2016.