El Quini de Jerez

Quini de Jerez

El Quini de Jerez – Flamenco Singer

Joaquín Marin Flores, artistically known as “El Quini de Jerez” was born on the 1st January 1980 in the area of the Plazuela de Jerez de la Frontera. He comes from a gypsy family from Jerez who are known as ‘Los Pastillas’. At 12 years old he started to work in the flamenco dancer’s company Manuela Carpio. Three years later he was incorporated in to Antonio El Pipa’s dance company.

He worked with María del Mar Moreno during several years as a palmero. El Quini has also worked as a palmero with the following notable flamenco artists: Tomasa Guerrero “La Macanita”, Fernando Terremoto, Elu de Jerez, and Merchora Ortega.

When he turned 20 years old he decided to professionalize solely as a flamenco singer. He started to work in the El Tablao de Parrila in Jerez. Later, El Quini started to work peñas flamencas and important flamenco festivals. He worked in flamenco contests and at 21 years old, won his first prize in the flamenco singing contest for Bulerias of Jerez.

El Quini has worked with Antonio Gades’ company and Juana Amaya and has toured various places all over the world including Manhattan, California, London, Morocco and Brazil.