2018 Main Stage Performance

“El Llanto Se Mueve ‘The Cry Moves’ – Jairo Barrull Flamenco Company” – The highlight of our 2018 festival, April 20th. Direct from Seville, Spain, six internationally acclaimed performers brought the traditional style of flamenco puro to the stage.

Jairo Barrull – Dancer
Irene la Sentío – Dancer
José El Pechuguita – Singer
El Quini de Jerez – Singer
Ramón Amador – Guitarist
Pedro Sánchez – Guitarist

Video Recording – Marc J Chalifoux & Ian Jackson/Epic Photography: Video Editing – Helen Tomkins

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El Llanto Se Mueve The Cry Moves

© Marc J Chalifoux Photography 2017

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El Llanto Se Mueve ‘The Cry Moves’
El llanto (the cry) is power: power that moves you. El llanto of a singer or a guitarist is capable of making you feel the most profound place of your inner self. El llanto makes you weep, fall in love. It makes you dance, dance with feeling. From el llanto comes ‘El Ole’ and ‘El Duende’. El llanto is pure, it is beauty, and it is sadness and suffering. El llanto is the mixture of cultures, identities, and it is history. It is the root, the beginning of everything flamenco. It is the voice of our ancestors, the voice of the indigenous people that came from India centuries ago: THE UNTOUCHABLES

Event poster – Tynan Boyd