Thanking our Festival Supporters

We would like to take a moment to thank some of the supporters behind this year’s cancelled Festival. Our Festival relies quite heavily on ticket sales but could not exist without added support. Please take a moment to read through and have a look at the incredible organizations that have come forward to support us. Some of them have lost quite a bit of business due our cancellation and of course many have now lost even more due to our current global situation. It’s important to celebrate the organizations and businesses that recognize how fundamental the Arts are in our lives.  Make sure you read to the end of the list where we explain the importance of a good PR team!

All logos link to the website of each organization.

Our Funders:

We love our funders the Edmonton Arts Council and the City of Edmonton.

Can you imagine being in full on crisis mode and receiving immediate communication like this from one of your funders? “Please be assured that we continue to value our ongoing relationship with the Festival. When there is any doubt we will always land on the side of the artist or the organization we support.” And then another email asking if there’s any way they can help you right away?

The Arts community in Edmonton is very lucky to have such a fantastic arts council. We can’t rave enough about them.


We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts. Nous remercions le Conseil des arts du Canada de son soutien.

The Canada Council for the Arts is Canada’s public arts funder, with a mandate to foster and promote the study and enjoyment of, and the production of works in, the arts. The Council champions and invests in artistic excellence through a broad range of grants, services, prizes and payments to professional Canadian artists and arts organizations. Its work ensures that excellent, vibrant and diverse art and literature engages Canadians, enriches their communities and reaches markets around the world. The Council also raises public awareness and appreciation of the arts through its communications, research and arts promotion activities. It is responsible for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, which promotes the values and programs of UNESCO in Canada to contribute to a more peaceful, equitable and sustainable future. The Canada Council Art Bank operates art rental programs and helps further public engagement with contemporary arts.

Our Media Partner:

We were so proud to have VivaYEGLatino as our offical media partner for the 2020 festival! VivaYEGLatino brings the Latino community together, providing Spanish language resources and programming to those looking to connect with Latino services, organizations, groups and events happening in the capital region.

Our Partners:

Chateau Lacombe logo             

Our Festival Partner the Chateau Lacombe Hotel has been the Exclusive Host Hotel of the Edmonton Flamenco Festival Performers since 2018. They have also offered our out of town Festival guests a special discounted room rate during the weekend AND provided a room for guitar and cante classes when needed.

Located in downtown Edmonton, the Chateau Lacombe offers spectacular panoramic views of the North Saskatchewan River valley and is home to Edmonton’s only rooftop revolving restaurant on the 24th floor, La Ronde. The hotel is within 10 min walking distance of the Winspear, with convenient routes to cross the river by bus or car for our classes.



Did you know the Winspear Centre has been our Festival Partner since the very beginning? Our Festival wouldn’t be where it is today without their support. Their partnership and belief in our vision gave us the boost we needed to start off on the right foot. The Winspear concert hall is our dream space for our mainstage event and we’re thrilled to have it associated with our Festival’s reputation. Our guest artists always comment at length about what an incredible venue it is to perform in and how professionally they were treated by the Winspear team.

As non-profit organizations, the Winspear Centre and Edmonton Symphony Orchestra rely on donations from the community to continue to deliver exceptional experiences through concerts, events, and outreach programs like the ones offered by the Tommy Banks Centre for Musical Creativity.

Our Sponsors:

SABOR Restaurant was sponsor and host to our celebratory wrap up dining event for our 2019 Flamenco Artists and what an amazing feast they put on! We had a private room with 30 guests and the Sabor team rolled out plates and plates of various and sumptuous offerings. Our guests of honour were treated to Sabor’s stunning seafood platter, steak and more. Our Spanish Artists were amazed at the freshness, flavour and presentation of the meals! Most of all, they felt truly honoured and recognized for all the hard work and dedication they put into their craft. We are very honoured to have an establishment like Sabor, extend their appreciation for the arts through sponsorship of our Festival. They agreed to sponsor us again this year for our 2020 Festival and we are so grateful and very sad that we weren’t able to make it happen.



Shoutout to our studio sponsor Marr Mac Dance for their continued support over the years – they agreed again this year to sponsor studio time for our weekend workshops and we are so grateful for all their support since the very first Festival.

Marr-Mac Dance & Theatre Arts offers an alternative studio atmosphere that trains dancers from 3 years to pre-professional level. They offer both recreational and competitive programs in a variety of disciplines in keeping with their philosophy to provide a supportive atmosphere in which to encourage students of all abilities.

Our Supporters:

Our friends at the Edmonton Classical Guitar Society let us have program inserts and an information table at one of their concerts leading up to the festival. It’s a great time to promote our event and broaden our audience.

The Edmonton Classical Guitar Society is a registered non-profit organization that provides a forum for listening, learning, performing and teaching. They arrange concerts and masterclasses with internationally and nationally acclaimed virtuosi, and host informal events at which society members can play for each other and talk about music.

Our PR team:

There are not enough words to tell you how fantastic our PR friends at Bangel PR are. Wondering how we end up on tv and radio so much before the Festival? Wondering how we end up in the 10 best things to do this week or on the front page of the Edmonton Journal? Wondering how our social media is so coordinated and well thought out in the weeks leading up to the Festival? It’s this awesome team.

They also totally saved us when we had to cancel the Festival. You can imagine what a crisis it is to cancel something like this and how much has to be dealt with immediately. It’s a very emotional moment and a stressful thing to coordinate. They were on it right away and coordinated our media release, social media accounts, overall message about what had happened, and how refunds were being handled. They let all our upcoming media know to pull our spots, stopped our facebook and Instagram ads, AND got us on tv that very day.

Catherine Bangel and her team were in constant contact with our Artistic Director as she sorted this out and even thought to intersperse messages of support and encouragement all day long while we were putting out fires. We are truly impressed with all they have done for us.

We are very grateful for all of this support and sad to miss out on this year’s Festival with five truly wonderful artists and people. It would have been a privilege to host El Oruco and his guests.