2020 Artists

José Manuel Ramos, “El Oruco” – Flamenco Dancer

Born in Seville, El Oruco began his studies with El Torombo, training further with Farruquito and artists from the Farruco family, Antonio Canales, and Juan de Juan among others. He has performed at the most prestigious flamenco festivals around the world including the Biennial of Flamenco Art of Seville, Mont de Marsan Festival, Biennial of Flamenco Art of Paris, and USA Festival and has worked with renowned flamenco artists such as Esperanza Fernández, Israel and Pastora Galván and Rocío Molina. Beyond his skills as a dancer, he is a much sought-after palmero (rhythmic clapper) because of his mastery of flamenco rhythms. While in demand as a guest artist for prominent flamenco artists, he continues to produce his own shows, and perform in tablaos such as Las Carboneras in Madrid. 

As a teacher, he continues to develop his academy, FormArte Flamenco, along with dancer Karolina González “La Negra”, promoting the study of flamenco art from its structural bases, technique, rhythm and choreography. His teaching has reached different academies in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Greece, the United States and Japan.

Karolina González, “La Negra” – Flamenco Dancer

She began her career together with the teacher Manuel Soler (Dancer and Percussionist). Within her artistic training she has had the collaboration of dancers El Oruco and Carmen Ledesma, as well as deepening her studies with artists such as Farruquito, La Farruca, La Faraona and Antonio Canales, among others. She has been an invited dancer in productions of artists such as Curro Fernández, Israel Galván, and El Oruco.

Currently she participates in the shows Danzaora and Oro viejo by Rocío Molina, continues as a dancer of the flamenco company of El Oruco, and performs in flamenco peñas in Seville and Andalusia.

Jonathan Reyes – Flamenco Singer

Jonathan was born in Seville into a family with a long flamenco tradition. His father and grandfather musically accompanied several famous flamenco artists of the twentieth century such as Ramón Barrull and Juana Amaya, and he is a relative of the great singer José Cortés Jiménez “Pansequito”.

He has shared billing with great artists such as Dieguito de Morón and dancers Pepe Torres and Carmen Ledesma as well as María José Santiago. When not touring, he performs at Sevilla’s most popular flamenco tablaos such as Los Gallos and La Carbonería. He has performed at all the flamenco associations of Andalusia such as the Seville Peñas, Torres Macarena, Cantes al Aire and Pies Plomo with various dancers such as Soraya Clavijo and Sergio González. He was a featured artist of our 2019 festival as guest of the Sonia Olla & Ismael Fernández Flamenco Company.

José ‘El Pechuguita’ – Flamenco Singer

José ‘El Pechuguita’ is son of singer-songwriter and composer ‘El Pechuga’ who has collaborated with world renowned artists such as BB King, Kiko Veneno, Triana, Varon Rojo and Raimundo Amador. His father taught him flamenco singing from an early age.

José works with some of the top flamenco artists such as Enrique El Extremeño, El Capullo, El Torta, Manuel Molina, Marsellé, Rancapino, Agujeta, El Lebrijano, Carmen Ledesma, Esperanza Fernández, La Farruca, Jairo Barrull and Concha Vargas. He has worked in several peñas and tablaos in Spain such as ‘Los Gallos’, La Peña Torres Macarena and El Café Silverio. José has toured Spain, France, the United Kingdom, America, Mexico and Morocco. He was a featured artist of our 2018 festival as guest of the Jairo Barrull Flamenco Company.

Jose Luis Medina

José Luis Medina – Flamenco Guitarist

Born in Córdoba, he started playing flamenco guitar at the age of 13 with Alberto Lucena, from whom he learned for 5 years. He started as a guitarist for the dance academy of Eva Rojano until, in 2005, he competed in the Contest of Youth of Accompaniment to Sing and Dance organized by the Cristina Heeren Foundation, receiving the first prize. He has studied with great masters of the guitar such as Niño de Pura, Eduardo Rebollar, José Luis Postigo, Miguel Ángel Cortés and Pedro Sierra.

During his career as a guitarist, José Luis Medina has worked in the most important national and international festivals with renowned artists, sharing the stage with José Merce, Miguel Poveda, Esperanza Fernandez, Capullo de Jerez, Argentina, Rosario Toledo, Daniel Navarro, Mercedes de Córdoba and Paco Serrano among others.