Flamenco Flashmob returns!

Festival Flashmob leaders performing in 2017 - at MacEwan and the Winspear lobby

In advance of our festival April 18 – 22, we are bringing our 2018 flamenco flashmob to life! We plan to meet up and perform together in various public places leading up to the festival. Hope to see you there!

This year’s festival flashmob is a tientos-tangos created by Vancouver’s Stephanie Pedraza. A group of local flamencos spent the fall learning their parts and came together in November for formal performances of the choreography in the Winspear lobby before an ESO evening and on stage at our December fundraiser performance “Flamenco at MacEwan”.

Our experienced flashmob dancers from the fall are offering two 1.5 hour classes for anyone wanting to learn the choreography. Stephanie Pedraza is offering a 1 hour cante and palmas group class via Skype for anyone wanting to practice singing and/or clapping.

Class dates: Feb. 2  and Feb. 4

Want to join in on the fun?

Have a look at last year’s Festival Flashmob page for an idea of what to expect.

There is plenty of opportunity to be as little or as fully involved as you like with singing, dancing, and/or clapping. Unlike the fall performances, the flashmob is informal. All levels are welcome and the attire is street wear. Some basic previous flamenco dance experience is required for the choreography classes. There is no obligation to perform. If you are a guitarist interested in learning the accompaniment, please sign up as well and we’ll see what can be arranged.

If you’re interested in joining the upcoming classes please let us know at the link below by January 29th.

Click here for more information and to sign up.