2018 Artists

Jairo Barrull
Jairo Barrull – Flamenco Dancer

Jairo Barrull Fernández is a gypsy flamenco dancer. He is son of the legendary flamenco dancer Ramón Barrull and great nephew of Diego del Gastor. He made his first public appearance at ‘El Gazpacho Andaluz de Moron’ when he was just 8 years old. He performed for the Pope John Paul II in the Vatican when he was 13 for the celebration of the beatification of Ceferino Jiménez Malla ‘El Pele’ and has performed at highly prestigious theatres all over the world including ‘Dansens Hus’, Stockholm and the ‘Theatre Avenida’, Argentina. Jairo has performed with many great flamenco artists including his father Ramón Barrull, El Chocolate, Juana Amaya, Angelita Vargas, Concha Vargas, Farruquito, Carmen Cortes and Arcángel.

Jairo has collabrated in countless flamenco shows including the diverse flamenco production ‘Incognito’ by world famous juggler Francis Brunn, which premiered at the Alte Oper of Frankfurt. He has performed Sinfonia Flamenca at the ‘Orchestre National de Lyon Auditorium and Magia de Maestros at the Berliner Philharmonie, where the press repeatedly named him ‘The Hope of Dance’. He appeared in the RTVE news report ‘Un Gitano en los altares’ and in the internationally screened flamenco documentary ‘Around Flamenco -The Streets of New York’. In 2010 Jairo presented his new flamenco show ‘Dos Ramas’ with guest artist Angelita Vargas in France at the XXII Festival Flamenco Mont de Marsan and participated in the 2010 USA tour of Festival Flamenco Gitano.

In 2012 Jairo premiered his new show ‘Barrull’ across Europe which debuted at the Cajasol Jueves Flamencos in Seville and the following year at the Festival Flamenco de Banyuls Sur Mer. Jairo closed the 50th edition of El Gazpacho Andaluz de Morón de 2013 and toured his show ‘Dos Ramas’ with Manuela Vargas around Europe, which was featured at the Festival Flamenco International de Marseille. More recently Jairo danced in the III Festival Flamenco of Japan and was one of the protagonists in the flamenco show ‘El Baile de la Frontera’ which debuted at the Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla 2014. Jairo is currently touring two new shows ‘El Llanto Se Mueve’ which was featured in the ‘Los Jueves Flamenco de Cajasols de Sevilla’ in the spring of 2016 and ‘Gitano’ which premiered in the Teatro Oriente in Morón de la Frontera as part of the program of activities for the 50th anniversary of the Festival Flamenco Gazpacho Andaluz.

Jairo Barrull press reviews:

‘He has a keen sense of play, above all in the vivid way he crosses his feet rapidly’
The New York Times

‘An artist so remarkably accomplished and even elegant at every moment’
Los Angeles Times

‘Jairo Barrull is the show’s take-no-prisoners young firebrand’
The Boston Globe

Irene la Sentio
Irene “La Sentío” – Flamenco Dancer

Irene “La Sentío” has studied flamenco dance with several Spanish artists such as Juana Amaya, Juan de los Reyes, Antonio Canales and especially the Farruco family .

2008 – she performed with La Farruca in the International Flamenco Fashion Show (SIMOF in its Spanish acronym), and the same year she became a finalist in the National Contest “Cante de las Minas” performing in the prestigious XL VIII International Festival “Cante de las Minas” (La Unión).

2009 – she was called to join the cycle “Peñas de Guardia” of the “Federación de Peñas Flamencas” in Seville, dancing in the most important flamenco groups of the city.

2010 – “La Sentío” danced “Sonerías” in the show presented by Juan Manuel Fernández Montoya “Farruquito” in the XVI Flamenco Biennale of Seville, in the famous Maestranza Theatre. After that she performed in “Baile Flamenco”, a successful show that she presented in many cities as Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo, Murcia, Seville, Chile…

She has also worked in the company of Antonio Fernández Montoya “Farruco”, performing in Colombia in the “Season Bogota Flamenco 2011” and Turkey (Istanbul).

June 2011 – she won the Third Award in the XXIII National Contest of Flamenco Art “Ciudad de Ubrique”. She performed and taught as a guest artist in the first Calgary International Flamenco Festival (Canada).

February 2012 – she released in Sardinia (Italy) her first show called “De mi faldiquera”, as artistic director and choreographer.

July 2013 – she participated in the Festival Mont-de-Marsan along with Oscar de los Reyes performing “Sevilla al aire”. She has worked with Aurora Losada and Tito Losada in “Misa Flamenca” and with the Orchestra Chekara in Tetouan.

2014 – she brought her dance to Belgium to the Flamenco Group of Amberes and to the Theatre Gialino in Atenas with the show “Mano a mano”. She participated in Suma Flamenca in Madrid in 2014 with a show by the company of El Mistela entitled “Bailando la Vida”. In Madrid she has performed with Kélian Jiménez, a flamenco dancer, in the Theatre El Barrio and with Curro de Candela in “Mi sangre grita” in the Theatre Carlos III of Aranjuez. In Seville she has participated in the cycle “Flamenco at the University” by CICUS. In October she performed along with the pianist Miriam Mendez in a tour by the Cervantes Institute in Jordan and Egypt. Later, she has performed in Germany with the cast of the tablao Villa-Rosa of Madrid.

Recently, she has been dancing in the best tablaos of the country such as “Tablao Cordobés”, “Tablao de Carmen” and “Los Tarantos” in Barcelona, “El Arenal” and “Museo del Baile Flamenco” in Seville and “Villa-Rosa”, “Las Carboneras”, “Casa Patas”, “Cardamomo” and “Cantares” in Madrid.

Jose el Pechuguita
José El Pechuguita – Flamenco Singer

José ‘El Pechuguita’ is son of singer-songwriter and composer ‘El Pechuga’ who has collaborated with world renowned artists such as BB King, Kiko Veneno, Triana, Varon Rojo and Raimundo Amador. José’s father taught him flamenco singing from an early age.

José continues to learn by working with some of the top flamenco artists such as Enrique El Extremeño, El Capullo, El Torta, Manuel Molina, Marsellé, Rancapino, Agujeta, El Lebrijano, Carmen Ledesma, Esperanza Fernández, La Farruca, Jairo Barrull and Concha Vargas. José has worked in several peñas and tablaos in Spain such as ‘Los Gallos’, La Peña Torres Macarena and El Café Silverio.

In 2013 he participated in the flamenco album ‘Fatum’ by Rosario La Tremendita and two years later José gave a recital in the Jerez Festival Off. Later that year he participated in ‘Picassares by flamenco guitarist Daniel Casares which was featured in the XVI Guitar Art Festival of Belgrado as well as the Suma Flamenca Festival in Madrid.

José has toured Spain, France, the United Kingdom, America, Mexico and Morocco.

Quini de Jerez
El Quini de Jerez – Flamenco Singer

Joaquín Marin Flores, artistically known as “El Quini de Jerez” was born on the 1st January 1980 in the area of the Plazuela de Jerez de la Frontera. He comes from a gypsy family from Jerez who are known as ‘Los Pastillas’. At 12 years old he started to work in the flamenco dancer’s company Manuela Carpio. Three years later he was incorporated in to Antonio El Pipa’s dance company.

He worked with María del Mar Moreno during several years as a palmero. El Quini has also worked as a palmero with the following notable flamenco artists: Tomasa Guerrero “La Macanita”, Fernando Terremoto, Elu de Jerez, and Merchora Ortega.

When he turned 20 years old he decided to professionalize solely as a flamenco singer. He started to work in the El Tablao de Parrila in Jerez. Later, El Quini started to work peñas flamencas and important flamenco festivals. He worked in flamenco contests and at 21 years old, won his first prize in the flamenco singing contest for Bulerias of Jerez.

El Quini has worked with Antonio Gades’ company and Juana Amaya and has toured various places all over the world including Manhattan, California, London, Morocco and Brazil.

Ramon Amador
Ramón Amador – Flamenco Guitarist

Son of guitarist Ramón Amador, at age 12 he took part in the show ¨Savia Nueva¨ where he shared the stage with great artists such as Angelita Vargas, El Vareta, El Bobote, and Maria Vizarraga. At the age of 14 he began his career as a professional guitarist at Tablao Flamenco Los Gallos where a 3-year season was established. He has participated in prestigious tablaos such as Arenal, El Patio Sevillano, El Museo del Baile Flamenco, Los Tarantos, El Flamenco.

He has participated in great companies such as:

Eva la Yerbabuena – in shows:
5 Mujeres 5

Cristina Hoyos – in shows:
Al compas del Tiempo
Tierra Dentro

Ballet Flamenco de Andalucia – in shows:
Viaje al Sur
Romancero Gitano
Poema del Cante Jondo

He has collaborated with artists of the likes of: Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya “Farruquito”, El Torombo, Jairo Barrull, Juan Jose Jaen¨El Junco¨, Juan de Juan, Carrete, Susana Casas, Juan Jose Amador, Enrique el Extremeño, Guadiana, La Tana, Diego Amador ¨El Churri¨, Raimundo Amador, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Israel Varela, and Remedios Amaya.

Federacion de Peñas de Andalucia Competition 2010: 2nd Prize, among 60 guitarists

Pedro Sanchez
Pedro Sánchez  – Flamenco Guitarist

His father, Naranjito de Triana, one of the most prestigious flamenco singers, convinced Pedro to study the guitar and passed on to his son his vast knowledge of flamenco. He made his stage debut at the Teatro de la Maestranza, in Seville, in 1996 during an evening, which the ninth Bienal de Flamenco dedicated to his father.

His maestros were great guitarists such as Manolo Franco and Rafael Riqueni. He has accompanied important singers and dancers such as José el de La Tomasa, Pastora Galván, Jeromo Segura, Rocío Bazán, Virginia Gámez, Luisa Palicio or Antonio Molina ‘El Choro’ in many Andalusian and international festivals and he has been a finalist of the National Contest of Flamenco in Cordoba (2004).

Since 1999, he is Flamenco Guitar Technique and Singing Accompaniment professor in the Fundación Cristina Heeren. He combines an impeccable technique with an exquisite musical intuition, which allows him to enrich classical flamenco music with the new harmonies and melodies.