Flamenco Festival news


Flashmob – Our flamenco flashmob will pop up downtown on Monday, February 20th! As part of Family Day events at City Hall and at the library’s Enterprise Square location, our flashmobbers will be there to entertain the crowd and raise awareness about the March festival. This is our acoustic version, no guitar, just live dance, song, and rhythmic clapping.

Approximate times you might catch us:

1:30 – as part of outdoor activities at City Hall
2:30 – after the storytime activities at the Enterprise Square library location
3:15 – as part of indoor activities at City Hall

This year’s festival flashmob is a choreography por tangos created by Jane Ogilvie involving live flamenco dance, song, and guitar. A group of local flamencos spent the fall learning their parts and came together in November to perform the flashmob in the Winspear lobby before an ESO evening and on stage at our fall fundraiser performance “Flamenco at the AGA”. The group went on to teach the choreography, song, and guitar to a new group of flashmobbers in February. You can catch performances of the flashmob in various locations leading up to our March festival.

Our festival is less than 3 weeks away! Have you bought your tickets to “Tablao Sevilla, Flamenco at the Winspear” on March 10th?  Direct from Seville, Spain, six internationally acclaimed performers bring the traditional style of flamenco puro to the stage. Tickets at this link.

Guitar Classes – Are you a guitarist hoping to catch some guitar classes with our international guest Socrates Mastrodimos? Have some guitar experience but new to flamenco? Already been playing flamenco for a while and interested in a master class? We are in the process of organizing group and private classes based on student experience and interest.  Send us a reply and get in on the discussion.

Read more about Socrates at this link.

We leave you with a video of Socrates por alegrias (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5G1p0I30OE)